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JAN 30 To JAN 31 - Thekkady

Relax Amid the Wilderness - ₹3500 + 5% GST

FEB 14 To 20 - HIMACHAL - Winter Expedition

Roadtrip & Backpacking - RS.19999 + 5% GST


Backpacking & Roadtrip - ₹17999 + 5% GST

Epic journeys

Modern backpackers love nature trails over the comfort of bustling cities. If you are passionate about camping, we are here to manage an epic journey for you. Get ready to enjoy a few days amidst pristine nature – get thrilled by various adventure activities during your trip. We specialize in various types of camping trips.

Starting from forest or farm camps to beach camps, we help you to enjoy the best camping trip of your life. An epic journey with us will be a memory worth cherishing for the lifetime. We offer opportunities for various outdoor pursuits, like mountaineering, tenting, forest trailing, hiking, etc.

  • Forest Camp

  • Farm Camp

  • Beach Camp

  • Mountain Camp

it’s a big world out there

forest camp

Ahoy! Adventurers let us take the woodland setting this time! Yes, you need to celebrate a perfect weekend in the wild forest amidst wild flowers, animals and birds. A day or two staying close to nature is surely going to make feel refreshed and all jugged up. If the smell of adventure is sure enough to charge you, hit the roads and go on for a forest camping.
Team Tent N Trek has some exclusive forest camping packages that you will love to take up.
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it’s a big world out there

farm camp

Are you looking to bake handmade chapattis from the chullah or take a bath in the local pond or simply take a horse ride across the meadows? – Avast! It's time to keep abreast with your nostalgic rural memories with our farm camping packages.
Team Tent N Trek brings you featured farm campsites that are great to enjoy!
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it’s a big world out there

beach camp

Mundane city life is never quite interesting and weekends are the most boring. Nightlife or a party or two may not be your cup of coffee. You need a place to escape and find solace. Hold On! Is there nothing that could spark your borin' life? Well, run on for a beach camp this weekend. Ahoy all Adventure freaks, Team Tent N Trek bring you some exciting and featured campsites.
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it’s a big world out there

mountain camp

Ahoy Crew! We know how difficult it is for you to ignore the call of the mountains. We know that walking and following the trailing path of the early trekkers on the mountains is an action that every adrenaline junkies loves to take up.
Let me tell ya' that you can take up that odd trailing path any weekend on any mountain locations of India with Team Tent N Trek
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