Frequently Asked Questions

1. What you should carry for your camping trip?

We offer tenting and trekking opportunities to the passionate travelers in various exotic places. Things, you should carry, depend upon the type of camping trip that you have chosen with us. For camping in hill areas or high altitude areas, you need to carry heavy woolen sweaters or jackets, along with hiking shoes for trekking. For farm house camping or forest tenting, clothes and accessories should be chosen according to the weather conditions.

2. Do we need to carry our own foods?

For camping or tenting, we shall make arrangements for your meals. However, you can additionally carry your own foods. Generally carrying dry foods is recommended. We can supply foods as per your preferences, which have been provided prior to the commencement of camping trip.

3. What medicines do we need to carry?

Carrying medicines is a relative matter, though we suggest carrying some basic medicines for fever, muscle pains, joint aches, etc. You should carry the medicines that you have to consume daily, if there is any.

4. Do you need to carry sleeping bags?

You do not need to carry sleeping bags, as we shall provide them to you. All sleeping bags are in good conditions, perfectly neat as well as clean. We are very much particular about keeping hygiene with the sleeping bags.

5. Will there be arrangement for toilets?

We shall setup tents, which can be used as temporary toilets. They will be outfitted with portable closets. We assure cleanliness and hygiene to the travelers.

6. Can you bring children for camping or tenting?

A few camping or tenting trips are friendly for children. We recommend bringing kids, who are at least 4 years old. In some camping trips, extensive trekking, hiking and rock climbing are required. For such cases, we do not recommend the trips for the kids. When you bring kids, make sure carrying their special medicines.

7. Will there be amusements for kids?

We generally do not endorse special amusement arrangements for kids, as in case of offbeat trips arranging the special amusements is almost impossible. However, your kid will be amused staying at the lap of the nature, involving in various learning activities through camping. Camping is generally enjoyed by most of the kids.

8. Are pets allowed in camping trips?

Yes, you can bring pets for your camping trip. However, you have to make food arrangements for your pets, as we do not have food arrangements for pets separately.

9. Do we make arrangements for celebrating special events?

Yes! We make arrangement for celebration of special events during your trip. However, you have to let us know about the plan for celebration in advance so that we can do all sorts of arrangements that are required or desired by you. It could be birthday event or marriage anniversary celebration – we feel privileged to make all the arrangements for you to make your day special.

10. Are alcoholic beverages allowed on camping trips?

We strongly suggest our fellow travelers not to consume alcoholic beverages during the trip. We also have a strict policy against smoking. If you are nature lover, you should understand keeping nature untamed as well as unharmed from pollution.

11. Shall we arrange barbeque for you?

Tenting or camping without barbeque parties at evening is boring. We understand that, and we serve demands of our guests with precision in this regard. We shall make barbeque arrangements for you. Extra cost will be charged on barbeque and bonfire.

12. Will there be any special amusement arrangements?

Experiencing nature at its untamed form and enjoying few days at the lap of nature are the best forms of amusements that you will experience in your lifetime, if you choose to plan your camping trip with us. There will be no TV – no radio – no WiFi and not event cell phone networks in many places. This is what we offer – wild and exotic camping experience. You shall be trilled, and we guarantee that!

13. Will there be arrangements for pest protection?

Pest protection arrangements shall be done by us. We provide mosquito repellents and other important accessories to keep pests or insects away.

14. Is bedding comfortable enough?

We certainly commit the maximum level of comfort for you, but no luxury. The whole point of camping or tenting is staying far from urban cacophony and urbanized facilities. Enjoy the basic and comfortable living with us at tents.

15. Will there be adventure activities?

Certainly, yes! Tenting or camping with adventure or thrill would not be enjoyable. We arrange various adventure activities, like trekking, hiking, rock climbing, etc. More adventure activities are arranged on special request.

16. Do you need training before camping?

Basic physical workouts and muscle stretching are required, if you are planning for trekking trip. If you are an avid smoker or alcohol consumer, you should reduce or give up such things before camping trip. Smoking reduces lung capacity, and smokers generally cannot cope with extensive trekking activities.

17. Do you need to undergo medical test?

We recommend medical tests to the fellow travelers for camping or tenting trips. If you are heart patient or if you have problems with lung or asthma, you must undergo medical checkups before joining camping trip. Doctors will advise you whether high altitude camping and trekking suitable for you or not.

18. Will there be mobile networks?

It depends on the places that you choose. In most of the cases, you shall get mobile network connection. However, signal strength could be low. In some cases, mobile network may not be available.

19. Will there be any charging pointers for mobile or laptop charging?

There will be no electricity, as temporary or portable camping or tenting setups will be done. We advise you to carry additional charged batteries for you mobile or camera or laptop.

20. How many persons will be accommodated in one tent?

We can setup tents of different types, having different accommodation capabilities. If you want privacy, there would be tents for 2 people. If you want to stay with groups, you can choose 3-10 pax tents.

21. What will be maximum capacity of people for a trip?

We can seamlessly as well as efficiently make arrangements for small or large groups of people. Maximum 20 people are recommended for a trip. We can also make arrangement for more than 20 people, if required.

22. Are tents waterproof?

Tents are fully waterproof and they can withstand heavy downpour. However, we generally recommend avoiding rainy seasons for camping. Trekking or rock climbing activities can get risky during heavy downpour situations. Winter and summer are the best seasons for tenting.

23. What are the camping gears that we provide?

We provide various basic camping gears to the travelers. You shall get sleeping bags (one for each person), torch, reading lamps, life jackets, toiletries, dental kits, etc. If you want any special tenting accessories, like travel bags or rucksacks, we can arrange them for you. However, they are rented on extra cost.

24. What is the ideal number of days for tenting?

Ideally, you can plan camping or tenting trip 4-7 days maximum. There is no limit for the days though. If you want customization of trips, we are flexible to go with your plan. We would make all the arrangements for the number of days that you want to spend at the lap of nature, enjoying the trills of camping.

25. How early should you book your trip?

Generally, 2-3 months prior to the journey date have been considered as ideal for booking camping trips. Minimum time for advance booking is 2-3 weeks before journey. However, it is a subject of availability, if you consider booking with this much short time. Plan your trip at the earlier and book your journey with us.