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About Tent N Trek

Do the words "adventure sports" make you feel crazy?

Want to try the exciting adventurous activities near you?

The perfect opportunity to indulge in the mind-blowing adventure is right here!

Tent N Trek is an Outdoors Adventure Company that is specialized in offering a number of adventure trips like water rafting, trekking, Climbing, Jeep Safaris, Kayaking, Mountain Biking and Camping among others. We are the premier adventure sports company that ensure to offer best outdoor travel experiences for every client we serve.

Tent N Trek caters to a wide range of clients including Corporates, Schools, Families and Compulsive Lone Traveller. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and do things that work meaningful.

Who We Are?

Avast Fella! We are a bunch of adventure freaks just like you. Our wonderful team of travel professionals take people for camping and give them the best trekking experience ever. We provide them with everything for the camp & trekking.

If you like ramming speed, we can shiver your timbers! Yes, we have carefully planned all our itineraries and designed to appeal to almost every visitor's budgets.


• Tent N Trek is one of the fastest growing Outdoors and Adventure companies in India.
• Hold a team of highly experienced and motivated Outdoor Specialists.
• Implement high safety standards and state-of-the-art equipment for all adventure activities.
• Affordable pricing with no hidden costs.

BBQ Tasted
15000+ kms
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Tent N Trek # core team

Manoj Suriya SR

Founder & CEO


Manoj Suriya, after his Master’s in Business Administration from SRM University, Then with one giant step, he left his boring routine job to chase after his dream of spreading the happiness through camping and exploring the world. An avid scuba diver, love to hit roads often on his wheels, an active member of NSS and NCC has been awarded State Award for Guides and Scouts. This man is responsible for setting all the goals for any tour and trips and future projects of our company and steers the wheel of the ship in an experienced manner.

Venkatesh PK



A qualified engineer by accident. Fortunately! Operations Director who ensures that everything goes well and fine from dusk to dawn in all our outdoors. The crazy lad who can make you laugh and roll on floor with his cranky jokes. Oh Yes! A bike lover who is always on pursuit to learn on the go. Indeed a true nomad by heart and a great helper by nature.




She kicks off her day saying, "Hello World" . An IT freak, who is ever on her toes- dons the marketing hat with ease. Her work is a display of dedication coupled with responsibility. This woman is an ardent lover of anything sporty or adventurous - name it and she's all game for it- indulging in a marathon, trekking , cycling, outdoor sports. Needless to say, her eyelids droop by the time she signs off for the day after having articulated her thoughts into a post on Facebook or Instagram. You got it right- she is the face of our TnT team, online . Her mantra is contagious , beware - "get jumping on the bandwagon", she signals and there you are, already looking to camp with us. She continuess to be the wind beneath our wings. That's Swapna for you.

Shaan Navaz

Travel Curator


An all-rounder in every team and we have one.Yet another wheel lover, who rides his four wheelers to reach new lands and explore new things. This eco-friendly person can make friend anywhere. Therefore, he is the one who takes good care of our customer relationship management. He himself started his career in a corporate & found those things alone doesn’t fulfill his Life Journey. So added his valuable ideas in Tent N Trek. Yet, he is our bike road trip maker, a great public speaker and a good photographer of Tent N Trek.

Vaishak SK

Travel Curator


Yet another business student from SRM, Our Very Own Mr.Charm, a spirited sportsman and the fixer for your lifetime adventure, who shares our common idea of creating larger than life memories. The Nature enthusiast who's also an Extensive traveller, can Ride or Drive, all day long because distance is just mere number to him. Well, he's got a protective shield which gives us the extra hand to make your camping safe. Also He never forgets to give his vibrant ideas that ensures our phones are always ringing and tents are forever filling with the happy faces.

Siva AKA Fenny

Travel Curator


Siva aka Fenny, as we fondly call him, is synonymous with creativity. No surprises whatsoever - he loves dramas like crazy, is an avid YouTuber and most importantly the creative head of our team. Who better than him to have besides?- even before the word 'GO', he is all set to backpack. His zest for traveling is undoubtedly a boon to Tent N Trek. To have a camp manager in him is nothing but fortunate- one can sit back and relax, with the assurance, things will be taken care of, at the camping site -given his charming persona, he gels well the camp members and gets them going. He is witty and sure to have you in splits. He is not only a proud nomad' but also a 'proud _beardo' . Did you say, beard? (Yes , there's a 'No-shave November'). Well, the best saved for the last - Our campers often remark ' He is family ' . Isn't that a well deserved reward?




Jia is the powerhouse of our crew. The travel curator is ever on her toes and is omnipresent, with all the needed info you're looking for. The perfect someone to walk by your side during tedious treks, the cheer squad leader to pep you up and what not (too much goodness to handle). There's the tomboyishness side to her , that's quite prominent . She stands out from the crowd any day, given the strong confident woman she is (quite strong than many of us). Vividly recall the day she joined us - there was the twinkle in her eyes .Her sheer enthusiasm to travel and the willingness to host people made her fit the bill. Awww! You're sure to be awestruck by this bundle of energy. We are glad she's smitten by the ' travel bug' (pun intended).

Tent N Trek # Moral Support Team



This eco-conservationist is a rowdy team member. And he inherited this rowdiness & interest towards the nature since he was in his Sainik School. He loves speed and hence the Bike Raider who is also a prestigious Royal Enfield Club member is always up for actions. He makes sure that all customers are happy with the services. As a botanist, he shares his knowledge about flora & fauna to our campers.

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